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Being the most convenient packaging, pouch mockups couldn’t slip our attention. Another reason why we’ve devoted a selection to this particular type of packaging templates, is how many features and options they allow. You can choose between plastic and foil — or pick a distinct paper pouch with customizable glossy labels. In fact, there are lots and lots of variations for pouch mockups which make them so precious.

We invite you to take advantage of the pouch mockup templates from the leading studios and display your work in the most enabling manner. As it was mentioned before, we’ve made a huge effort to highlight their versatility, so it won’t be a big deal to adapt any of them for your needs. So, if you search to present your product packaging concept, there are many unique templates to perform that with brilliance. And if you, as a product designer, consider mockups as a canvas to showcase your designs, you’ll be please with professional quality and customizing options. 


Our Team’s Top Pick

Standing Coffee Bag Mockups

Demonstrate the front and the back of your coffee package to let everyone enjoy your project and look into every detail closely. Two PSD files from this pouch mockup kit possess the feature of choosing between the glossy and matte surface textures. Extremely easy to work with and highly essential product for any graphic designer! 

Zip Pouch Mockup

Trendy colors and realistic paper texture are precisely why this pouch PSD mockup is so magnetic. It is carefully designed with attention to trends and details: now you can present any food packaging with its help, and it will look so good! Besides, there are Smart Objects, so all you have to do is insert your design and save the final work. 

Free 2 Plastic Food Pouches PSD Mockup

Just look at this stunning freebie you can add to your collection of graphic templates for packaging design! It’s a white pouch mockup with awesome details, Smart Objects, and available for commercial use! It will suit various businesses, and you’ll particularly enjoy using is a packaging showcase for mayonnaise, yogurt, ketchup, and baby food. 

Stand Up Pouch Mockup

This stand-up pouch template is one of the best means to showcase food packaging professionally! It’s created for everyone fond of metal aesthetics and classic coffee pouch design — you can sense the coffee beans smell through the screen. And that’s not to mention all the details, like the realistic folds, shadows, and sealed edges. To place artworks of yours, simply insert them inside the Smart Object layer. 

Free Aluminum Pouch Package Mockup

Nothing will ever matter when you have such an incredible metal pouch packaging mockup! This free Photoshop template is a great addition to your creative workflow — feel free to use it for product packaging presentation, branding, or any other creative task. The PSD file comes with the Smart Object feature and mega resolution: 6000 x 4500 px. 

Brown Pouch Mockup

Feel that magnificent smell of a newly-opened pouch with roasted coffee beans in it. You won’t confuse it with anything else. By the way, the same can be said about the changeable background & colors and organized layers of this brown paper pouch mockup. 

Free Metallic Package Mockup

Whether it’s for dog food, mayonnaise, ketchup, or any other sauce, it will look amazing with this pouch design mockup! True, the freebie will host any of your artworks, and that’s due to the superb quality of the PSD file, realistic details, and the Smart Object Layer option. You’ll easily create a presentation for your branding project and showcase it anywhere you need — this packaging bag mockup is available for commercial use! 

Pouch Packaging PSD Mockup

Use this standing pouch mockup to showcase your brand from cosmetics to food, enjoy its supreme quality and smooth customization. No more than 2-3 clicks are needed to bring your design and get an eye-popping image you can post anywhere: on your website, shop window, billboard or anything else. 

Pouch Packaging Mockup

This plastic pouch packaging mockup will appeal to all branding designers out here! It includes 4 filters and 6 PSD files, so you can choose which will suit your packaging designs best. And whatever your artworks are, rest assured: you are fully covered. The template is fully editable thanks to the Smart Object option and has a changeable background too! 

Free Packaging Mockup Scene

This scene features a disposable cup, tote bag, paper bag, ID card and a packaging pouch mockup. You can change the design of each product separately. You can also change the color of the straps of the tote bag, the lanyard of ID card, the outline of the cardholder, inner sides of both bags, lid of the cup and base of the cup.

Cardboard Pouch Mockups

This cardboard pouch mockup will help you showcase your packaging and merchandising designs with 4 different scnenes. Just use Smart Objects to add your designs and customize colors, effects, and shadows with well-named layers. You can change the background color as well. 

Square Pouch Realistic 3D Mockup

No, we can’t get enough pouch packaging mockup templates for LS, as they are all so beautiful — and free! For example, here you’ll have pouch mockup PSD designed for all kinds of packaging and branding projects you can think of. And it’s a full pack: changeable background, Smart Objects layers, and mega resolution. 

Protein Pack And Jar Mockup

Photorealistic scenes with 5 mockups of supplement packs in different sizes. Transparent and isolated shadows open many adjustment alternatives to your creative workflow. The same function is performed by Smart Objects used in each mockup. Once you had your fun altering the color, shadows, and design placement, check out different background options. 

Standing Pouch Mockup

Pick up this pouch packaging mockup and hit the road to the photorealistic projects and concepts. Smart objects are beneficial here, and all objects are separate layer groups with plenty of layers inside for more control. It means you’ll take it on smoothly, even if it’s your very first mockup. 

Coffee Packaging Mockup

Arabica or Robusta? While you’re thinking what to pick, let us toss you this foil pouch mockup, looking exactly like an aluminum pouch of coffee grain. It’s layered, editable high-quality PSD file prepared to showcase your custom design, by simply editing the Smart Object and color layers. 

Flat PSD Pouch Packaging Mockup

Give a go to a perfectly designed free packaging scene and give your branding designs a natural look. To customize this gravity-style PSD pouch mockup with a flat metallic packaging style, just add your graphics to the Smart Layer — right above the realistic foil texture! 

Stand Up Pouch Mockup Set

Grab this gorgeous standing pouch mockup set with 5 scenes, 4k backgrounds & trendy packaging design. The mockup bundle includes a total of 5 pouch mockup templates that can be used for food branding design and packaging design. 

Essential Branding Mockup Scene

Discover an excellently-crafted mockup scene with fully customizable objects to showcase your design and perfectly organize a composition for a banner, site or an ads poster — sure, in a few clicks, ’cause Smart Objects are always on.

Paper Pouch Bag Mockup

This beautiful paper pouch mockup set comes with a Smart Object option and well-organized layers. You can customize each and everything in these mockups using these tools. Just use Photoshop for your customizations and get your presentation ready in a few minutes. 

Coffee Package – Free Mockup

No matter what purpose you pursuit, branding presentation, illustrations or logo showcase, it all will look superb on this free pouch mockup. Simply add your design and watch how neatly and naturally it fills the plastic surface. 

4 Coffee Pouch Mockups

Presenting an exclusive set of pouch mockups to showcase your packaging designs realistically. This set comprises 4 different mockups. They are all equipped with Smart Objects and Layers which allows you to customize the design, shadows, effects and colors. 

Free Food Packaging Mockup PSD

This free pouch mockup set will help you achieve the best results for your food packaging designs. The set includes a sachet, pouch, box, tea coaster, white onion and dry spaghetti in a bowl. All items are placed on separate layers for full customization. Moreover, you can move or hide any of the items to make new arrangements. 

Paper Bag Mockups

You can use these packaging mockups to display your shopping bag and label designs realistically. To do so place your designs inside the Smart Objects, change the shadows, background and light effects of these mockups using intelligent layers. 

Small Bag Mockup

Use this free standing pouch mockup to create a realistic presentation of your next coffee branding project. Select the Smart Object layer in the PSD mockup and insert your design into it. Hit save, and you’re done — and no need to waste your time on time and effort-consuming customization process! 

Paper Pouch Bag Mockup — Large Size

This set of large-size plastic pouch mockup is the best option to showcase your latest branding designs. You can easily share your packaging projects and concepts on Behance, Instagram, and Dribbble after your graphics to the mockup scenes. 

Plastic Bag Packaging – Free Mockup

This matte plastic pouch mockup allows you to create a comprehensive and professional packaging design showcase in just a few clicks. Just replace elements with your designs using Smart Objects in the PSD document and save. 

Free Packaging Pouch Mockup

The purpose of this free packaging pouch mockup is to make a realistic and effective presentation of your designs. The mockup scene offers a packaging paper pouch, business card, spoon, coaster, leaves, stones and a few amazing backgrounds. 

Mockup Packaging Set — Part 1

With this pouch packaging mockup set, you will get 22 scenes and 183 PSD mockups. In pre-made scenes, all items are separate and available for customization via the Smart Layer tool. You can easily replace any item with another once and use the scenes to create eye-catching packaging designs for a wide range of products, from bath salt to yogurt and flour bags. 

Stand Up Pouch Mockups Set

This standing pouch mockup with zip-lock offers well-organized layers to customize the color and design of the scene. You can also use your own background instead of given backgrounds. In fact, as with all mockups from Creatsy, this one provides extreme quality in every pixel. 

Coffee Bags Mockups

Realistic coffee pouch mockup with shadows and precise details — that’s what this freebie is about. Hurry up and download it to showcase your client designs, patterns, logos, illustrations or just to present your portfolio! 

Plastic Stand-up Pouch Mockup

This stand-up pouch template set is so beautiful you won’t be able to take your eyes off it! Especially once you add your artworks and images to it! You will find 14 pouch packaging mockup files for Photoshop that are fully customizable. So if you were searching for a compressive tool to make your pouch packaging designs shine, this is the one! 

Doy Pack PSD Pouch Packaging Mockup

Let me suggest another plastic pouch packaging mockup that’ll be a precious discovery for your product presentation. The Photoshop file is free, packed with Smart Object option, editable background, and realism in every pixel. Designers working for any business, from food to makeup producers, will love it, no doubt! 

Paper Coffee Bag Mockup Set

Feel the charming smell of the freshly roasted coffee beans and transform into an object with another pouch mockup from Creatsy. The pack includes 8 PSD files with changeable colors and the design of the bag and cup. Coffee beans can be removed or added to your liking! 

Pouch Bag Packaging Mockup

Use this plastic pouch mockup to showcase your designs or any branding work you might have. You can effortlessly change the background to whatever color you like. As usual, this scene was created in Cinema 4D and rendered using Redshift Render. 

Stand Up Zip Lock Pouch Mockup Set

This basic standing pouch mockup is irreplaceable in your toolbox. It includes 4 high-quality PSD files, which allow endless options for an easy workflow: changeable colors and design of the bag, custom background color, and well-organized layers. 

PSD Metal Foil Packaging Mockup

A perspective set of PSD aluminum foil packaging mockups to let you professionally showcase your designs. Easily change the color of the package and add any graphics to the smart layers to get the desired look. 

Stand Up Pouch Mockup Set

Perfect gloss of plastic packaging is inside this pouch mockup! Take advantage of its ultimate realism and use the template to showcase your logo design, packaging concepts, branding, illustrations, patterns and typography. 

PSD Stand-Up Pouch Packaging Mockup

A set of free packaging pouch mockups in PSD format to showcase your branding designs. Easily edit it by adding graphics — from illustrations to logos — to the Smart Layers, and use the final image to share your work with a client. 

Lunch Bag Mockup Set

Create perfect presentations with a set of 9 lunch bag mockup templates made with attention to detail. Realistic paper texture, stickers, shadows, folds — there’s everything for a trenchant presentation of your design. 

Free Cardboard Pouch Packaging Mockup

This free cardboard pouch mockup will help you to present a realistic presentation of your designs without spending much time on it. It offers two Smart Objects to change: the 5 x 11.3 inches front and 3.2 x 11.3 inches side of the pouch. 

Sealed Paper Pouch Mockups

Use these sealed paper pouch mockups and give your branding designs a vivid look. Featuring the Smart Object option and well-named layers for customization needs. Just use Photoshop and get your designs ready for presentation with a few clicks. 

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Procreate 5.3: What’s New & How To Update Tue, 27 Dec 2022 11:47:07 +0000 Procreate 5.3 is out! We waited for this. We asked for this. Let’s delve into the details of the update and see what's good and what's awesome.

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The Designest may receive compensation from companies, products, and services featured in this publication. For more details, please refer to our Affiliate Disclosure page.

Since its first release in 2011, the Procreate app has become an industry standard for digital artists, designers, and illustrators all over the world. It’s an incredibly powerful app for fast sketching, digital drawing, and painting. Recently, a major update has been rolled out. 

This feature-rich drawing app is exclusively designed for iPad and Apple Pencil, while an extensive brush library with the ability to create custom brushes, allows this duo to shine in all its glory. It also has an advanced layering system, blending modes, a suite of innovative artistic tools, and the Valkyrie graphics engine backing it up. Furthermore, it provides a smooth workflow, and a user-friendly interface, that makes it appealing to artists regardless of skill level.

But you know what’s the best about this app? That it continue to evolve all these years. Every update is a gem! That’s why we are so excited about the 5.3 update that came out the other day. We tested it out and are ready to share our opinion. So without further ado, let’s jump into the details of the latest update. 

Procreate 5.3 Release Date

Procreate 5.3 was released on December 15, 2022. The update is now available on the Apple App Store for iPad

Procreate 5.3 New Features

It’s been a while since the last major update when 5.2 came out with all its awesome Stroke Stabilization, 3D Model Painting, and Page Assist. This time Savage apparently decided to concentrate on a single, but complex topic. And it pays back immensely. 

Meet the hover! A tiny microineraction that actually changes the whole user experience. We are so used to hover on our computers, that we almost stopped noticing it. But there has always been a suspicion that something is missing on the tablet UI. This way now you’ve got really full control over the interface. By the way, did you know that advanced microineractions are a huge design trend right now? This update unlocks a whole new way to interact with Apple Pencil hover on the new iPad Pro with M2 chip. However, users of the earlier versions of iPads will also find this update cool.

Brush Size and Opacity

Many of the new features are built around hover. This one will help you to adjust brush size and opacity without interrupting the process of drawing by excessive taps, selections and menus. Use intuitive gestures instead. Hover over your artwork and pinch zoom to adjust the size of the active brush, and slide up and down to adjust its opacity. These gestures can be activated in the Hover tab of the Gesture Controls. You can even hide the Size & Opacity sliders completely, so nothing will distract your focus. 

Brush Cursor

It is quite self-evident that for more control over your canvas, you need to be able to predict brush behavior even before beginning a stroke. However, this feature was added only in 5.3. But, it’s so cool together with other hover features, so the wait was worth it. Now you’ll see a full-color preview of your selected brush when painting, and a preview of what will be removed when erasing. No more countless trial and error cycles to transmit your vision to the blank page. This feature makes the lives of digital artists so much easier. To personalize your Brush Cursor settings globally go to the Preferences menu, and if you want to tweak any particular brush go to Brush Studio. 


In the previous versions of Procreate, you needed to drag and drop the color from your palette every time you need to fill the area. Now ColorDrop becomes fast and fluid with hover as you attach color to your Apple Pencil before dropping it on your canvas… as many times as you like. Wow! The filling process has never been faster before the 5.3 update. It’s very convenient for digital artists to save a lot of time on coloring their artworks. To pick up a color, hover above your active color and double-tap on your Apple Pencil. Tap separate areas of your artwork to continue filling with your chosen color. Moreover, this feature also works without hover on earlier versions of iPads, just select “Continue filling” after performing a ColorDrop or hold the Modify button on the Size and Opacity toolbar. 

Animated UI and Gallery Previews

In the previous versions, UI and gallery were static, and it was ok due to the lack of options. But now there’s a hover! Hover is everywhere! That really liven up the whole product. Now you see where you’re about to tap. Furthermore, when you hover over your artworks in Procreate gallery, they become bigger and if there’s an animation or time-lapse inside it will be played on a loop. That makes the gallery feel more alive and fun. 

Freehand Selections

Hover features will also help you to become more accurate while building your Freehand Selections. Now it’s even more intuitive and flexible. Tap to create a starting point, then hover to see a preview of where the line will draw if you tap again, so you can see what you’re doing before you lay anything down. Choose the perfect place and ta-duh! Your selection is perfectly precise. At the end of the selection process, the line will even snap to the starting point. The hover preview is a real game changer! 

File Compression Improvements

There are also lots of improvements to stability and other tech stuff. For example, there’s a new compression technology that is up to 3.5 times faster to paint and undo painted compared to previous versions. Please note, that files exported from Procreate in versions 5.3 and higher will not be able to be opened by older versions of Procreate and Procreate Pocket. While files created in older versions of Procreate and Procreate Pocket will automatically update. 

Third-Party Stylus Deprecation

Sadly, in this update, Savage removes support for non-Apple styluses (except for Logitech Crayon), due to their inability to provide a quality experience for these devices. Yet, iPad plus Apple Pencil is the most common use case, so there are not many users upset with this news. 

How to Update Procreate

In order to update your Procreate app to the 5.3 version, go to your Apps find Procreate then hit the Update button. If there isn’t any button, then you’re most likely enabled automatic updates. And it means that you already have the latest version. Yay! 

Please note that files exported from Procreate 5.3 and higher will not be able to be opened by older versions of Procreate and Procreate Pocket, because of a major improvement in compression technology.

And one more thing, hope you’ll never need this piece of advice, but still. It’s always best practice to back up your Procreate files before making any major update, just in case any technical issues occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Procreate is an app that allows you to create stunning artworks on your iPad. Using this app is like drawing with traditional pen and paper, but with a digital twist. This app has been designed specifically for artists, so it prioritizes their needs and makes the process of creating beautiful art easier and more enjoyable. It has a wide range of features and tools that make it suitable for both beginners and experienced artists.

Procreate costs $12.99 as a one-time purchase in App Store. And you know what, it is worth every cent invested! It is user-friendly, has a shallow learning curve, and delivers lots of fun. Procreate is an incredibly powerful drawing app both for beginners and professionals.

While Procreate app is created especially for iPad, there’s an iPhone version ― Procreate Pocket for those who want to sketch everywhere and anytime. It requires iOS 15.4.1 or later to be successfully installed. Unfortunately, there are no Android or Chrome OS versions of this awesome app. Moreover, since the 5.3 update, there’s been a third-party stylus deprecation, so iOS + Apple Pencil is the only way to enjoy the Procreate app.
Oh, lots of fun stuff, aside from professional graphic design work, of course. One of the most common uses of Procreate is all sorts of digital art, but this app is also well suited for sketching, illustrations, 3D painting, and even animation. It’s a complete art studio you can take anywhere, thanks to an extensive toolkit.

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40+ Best Hoodie Mockup Templates (Free & Paid) Mon, 26 Dec 2022 14:04:17 +0000 This mockup apparel haul is concentrated on a hoodie template as the must-have item for your presentations.

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The Designest may receive compensation from companies, products, and services featured in this publication. For more details, please refer to our Affiliate Disclosure page.

Frankly speaking, any clothing item can be turned into a showcasing tool, the question is how to get the most good-looking item? Consider having a hoodie mockup as a perfect art space for displaying your design work! 

I could have chosen, probably, a t-shirt mockup as the most, to my mind, classic and widespread option. But the following points have changed my mind to let hoodie mockup take the advantage. First off, in mostly every hoodie mockup there are more parts to play around with: adjustable sleeves, hood, and those cool laces (sometimes with editable metal points). Second, technically you have more space for self-expression as a hoodie template is simply made of more fabric. I also like it when the authors add optional pocket for their template: with or without it the whole composition may look different, like having two mockups in one. 

Our Team’s Top Pick

Hoodie Mockup

Working on a new clothing design project is always a challenge, and we are here to facilitate this task for you! This advanced, easy-to-edit hoodie mockup is a must for your current work. It guarantees a good look for bright and dark designs and perfectly fits the shape. The mockup is easy to navigate, includes well-described layers and a friendly help file. There is no doubt this hoodie mockup will make creating process entertaining. 

Man in a Hoodie Mockup 

Sometimes when you are working on new clothing designs, you don’t need any visually busy mockups, you just need something minimalistic, clean and simple. If that’s what you need for your current art project, this hoodie mockup is perfect for you! Despite being simple, it has many useful features. This mockup is easy to edit, supports Smart Objects, and has editable and organized layers. Change whatever you want to create the result you were craving for! 

Hoodie Mockup

The hoodie mockup I want to present you has everything you may need for an apparel design showcase. This PSD file includes a Smart Object, so just put your artwork inside it and get a realistic outcome! Moreover, this mockup is fully customizable and its high quality will take your breath away. You can also use it in case you want to show off your printed hoodie designs. 

Street Fashion Hoodie Mockup  

Premium quality, original shapes and realistic textures — this is what the template consists of. It is very easy to edit and contains everything you need to create a realistic look for your project. This hoodie mockup guarantees a good look for bright and dark designs and is a perfect fit for the shape of the item. Easy to navigate, organized layers. 

Two Sides Hoodie Mockup

If you are not sure how to create a photorealistic presentation for your logo or apparel design, get the hoodie mockup! This cool template provides you with an opportunity to show both front and back view, laces, sleeves and is easy to customize. Just put your artwork inside the Smart Layer and you are ready to go. Check this hoodie mockup: front and back views are amazing! 

Girls Zipper Hoodie Mockups

We submit to you amazing girls’ zip hoodie mockup set that will come in handy is you want to present your awesome apparel branding and female jackets design in the real environment. These mockups offer Smart Objects and well-organized layers for all customizations. There are many helpful features as well: top angle shot of the zipper mockup placed on a customizable background, close up angle shot showing front and inner side design, close up shot of the hoodie mockup showing back side design, slanted shot with customizable front and sleeve design and much more. 

Hoodie Mockup

Here’s a quick and easy way to showcase your designs! Among all the different hoodie mockups, this PSD file is one of the best options. Whether you want to present an apparel design, logo or any other artwork, just put them inside the Smart Object and get a realistic outcome. So, if you were searching for a realistic-looking hoodie mockup you can edit every part of, you can stop your scrolling! 

5 Hoodie Mockups  

This brilliant set of hoodie mockups includes five different PSD files that will help you showcase to your clients how your design will look like on a real hoodie. You can customize everything in these templates, including design, color, fabric texture, shadows, effects and the background as well. 

Hoodie Mockup PSD

If you are a designer working on a new printed hoodie design presentation, I got a tool for you! Create an amazing showcase for your artwork, logo or apparel design by inserting them into Smart Object, You can also add text and change the hoodie color, sleeves and background. 

Hoodie Mockups for Girls

Whether you present your sports branding or female hoodie jacket designs, this hoodie mockup is a perfect one to showcase your ideas to customers. The collection provides you with four high-quality PSDs with well-organized layers, customizable effects, adjustable background and Smart Objects. 

Free Simple Hoodie Mockup

Showcasing logo or apparel design has never been easier! All you need to do is put your artwork inside the Smart Object of this free hoodie mockup, change the background, sleeves and choose the base color. It is a real treasure for a professional designer! All your fantasies were predicted and brought to reality here.  

Free Hoodie Mockup

An irreplaceable item from your wardrobe that’s an unrivaled leader in heating you on long hiking or barbecue nights is now available in a different format – like a zip hoodie mockup template! A quick and easy way to showcase your hoodie design with professional product images. Premium quality of this free mockup won’t leave you indifferent. You can easily edit the hoodie, laces, and zip colors and use the smart layer to apply your designs. Don’t miss this zip hoodie mockup! 

Men’s Hoodie Mockup

Starting a new clothing brand collection is quite challenging, right? When you come up with the design, you need to check how it looks on a real item. Display your design in a photorealistic way with this free hoodie mockup! It will suit dark and light designs, just change the hoodie color of the one of the background. This free mockup provides the Smart Object feature, so showcase your brand logo, clothing design, or just use it for your business site. 

Hoodie Mockup Sunset Lights

Being armed with professional hoodie mockups is a reassuring feeling! That’s why I want to present you Hoodie Mockup Sunset Lights — a whole pack of high-quality templates, perfect for design showcases. Whether you are working on new clothes or just need a new way of presenting a logo, these 14 PSD items are ready to become a part of your project. The Smart Objects inside each template make the editing process easy: just put your image inside and you’re ready to go! 

Free Hoodie Mockup

Update your collection of free hoodie mockup templates with this item! Perfect for print and digital designs, it will help you out many times. Brand logo, new font — there is nothing this tool won’t pull off. Present your artworks in a realistic way with these powerful tools and enjoy an amazing result! 

Hoodie Mockup Street Style

Let me introduce you this set of 19 PSD hoodie mockups. Each template of the pack includes Smart Layers, so you will be able to insert the images in a few clicks. Its advantage is that the mockups suit both dark and light designs, plus they are easily editable. 

Hoodie Mockup

Don’t know how to showcase your logo, clothes design, or any other artwork you created? A hoodie mockup you need for your project is here. Display your works easily: put your designs inside the template, change the background and see how fast you’ll get a photorealistic result! 

Hoodie Mockup Set

Created in two views, this hoodie mockup set appears to be fully customizable due to Smart Objects: edit front, back, sleeves, hood, laces of the hoodie with ease, pick the colors, gradients, and design or check the tie-dyed version. Basically, all your fantasies were predicted and brought to reality. 

Free Men’s Hoodie Mockup

This free hoodie mockup will help you bring your creative cravings to life, so be sure to check this one out! It has everything you need for displaying your artwork, whether it is a logo or you need a post for your business account: organized layers, easy-to-change background and the possibility to add the details you want. Get some inspiration from this hoodie PSD mockup! 

Hoodie Animated Mockup

This hoodie mockup will blow your mind! 360° item rotation, animated background and 3 static mockups in different viewing angles will surely impress you. Insert your design for the whole hoodie at once, or create a more complex design with different colors and elements separately for the hood, sleeves, elastic bands and body. Thanks to the integrated 3D object and the detailed image of the hoodie, your design will be realistically superimposed on the texture of the fabric. 

Hoodie Mockup

This hoodie mockup will prove to you how versatile it can be! Display your stylish artwork with any concept by putting it inside the well-organized layers, then change the background, and get the result you have been dreaming of. Even if you don’t have inspiration yet, you will get it by looking at this hoodie design template! 

Logo Mockup Hoodie Embroidered

We can’t wait to submit to you this amazing hoodie mockup collection! Every piece of the set includes Smart Objects and has four different effect style (embossed, debossed, flat and flat colored). It also contains two different perspectives, so you’ll be able to try them out and decide which one matches your work the best. The collection provides you with the customizable color of the hoodie, background, ambient lights, and ambient blur. 

Male Hoodie Mockup

Hoodie mockups are perfect for showcasing any artwork, don’t you think so? Logo designs, stylish fonts, new clothing line — there are no limitations here. All you need to do so the template suits your artwork is change the background and right after that you have an image ready to be uploaded to the business account! 

Vintage Oversized Hoodie Mockup

This premium oversized black hoodie mockup (that can be any color you like) is a perfect one to put on all your designs. Made in stunning 5k resolution, this Photoshop mockup has a distressed, rough, and photorealistic look. Due to Smart Objects and layered files, you can change the base color or mockup all over print graphics with ease. Also, the optional sleeve masks help to create a more realistic look with no hassle. 

Men’s Fabulous Free Hoodie Mockup

Free hoodie mockup is an ideal addition to your toolbox! Especially when it comes in high quality, includes well-organized layers and is overall stylish. That’s why I recommend you get this free mockup! It helps you easily showcase your artwork. The hoodie sleeve mockup also allows you to change the background color. 

Logo Mockup Embroidered Hoodie

If you’re the online shop owner, I bet you’ll want to have this hoodie template for your website! This hoodie mockup includes 2 different effect styles (embroidered and flat design) and 4 different perspectives, the customizable color of hoodie, ambient lights and ambient blur. Present your unique design on this mockup of a hoodie template. Ready to use: simply apply your design to different parts of the product separately. Special layers and Smart Objects are included. 

Hoodie Mockup with Ribbing — Front View

If you are in search of new mockups, check out this one. Not only it is stylish and versatile, but it is also extremely easy to work with! This flat hoodie mockup will become a part of your design presentation in a couple of seconds due to the Smart Object layers included. A few clicks in Photoshop and you are ready to go! 

Men’s Hoodie Animated Mockup

Can’t even imagine how many hours guys have spent on making this bundle! Every single item of 7 hoodie mockups is based on a real photo to deliver the authentic feel, so each template we need is high-resolution and ready for pixel-perfect display on all devices. And it doesn’t include only hoodie templates, it also has 3 animated views! You don’t need to spend time and worry about placing your designs — with smart layers this process is super easy. 

Men’s Heavyweight Hoodie Mockup

If you like hoodies as we do, this pullover hoodie mockup won’t let you pass by! The classic design of a fleece-lined sweatshirt with a front kangaroo pocket and a comfy pull-on hood. It is fairly simple to change the color of individual parts, like panels and seam threads. You can also add your fantastic artwork to this hoodie mockup template, using the provided layers, and precise masks. 

Men’s Zip Up Hoodie Mockup Set

Have you been looking for a set of cozy and photorealistic set of men’s hoodie mockups? Here it is! Not only do these mockups look unbelievably good, but they also have many helpful features that make your creating process easier so you can focus on design ideas. This pack provides you with two PSD files, front and back view, and changeable colors and fabric design fabric via Smart Objects! Working with this zip hoodie mockup set won’t leave you indifferent. 

Free Men’s Hoodie Mockup

An amazing free hoodie mockup comes your way! It is perfect for artwork presentations that you need to finish right now, as with the Smart Objects included your work process won’t take long. The free mockup enables you to showcase the logo design, new font or just a random sketch you crafted with no hassle. 

Mens Hoodie Without Drawcords Mockup

We want to share with you this premium set of 2 hoodie mockups that won’t leave you indifferent, trust us. You can change everything you want, via Smart Objects you can choose colors and tailor designs of all parts: front, back, sleeves, hood and laces. It is crystal clear that every template was designed with much care and attention, so now we have these amazing high-quality pieces. Download this pack and choose a hoodie mockup matching your creative ideas the most! 

Melange Hoodie Mockup

Visualize your design ideas easily with this realistic hoodie mockup in a front view. It will be simple to apply your best hoodie designs to different parts separately, even if you are new to mockups. Special layers and Smart Objects are included for your amazing artwork. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by getting this hoodie design mockup! 

Hoodie with Tag Mockup

This hoodie mockup is a layered, editable PSD file, prepared to showcase your custom design by editing Smart Objects and color layers. You can easily change mockup’s color. This scene was created in Cinema 4D and rendered using Redshift Render. Bring your community the designs they will love and assert yourself as a creative with confidence! 

Women Hoodie Mockup Set

It’s time to arm yourself with some new mockups! When it comes the time you need to urgently present your artwork, this hoodie mockup template will become the helping hand. To get a ready showcase just put your design inside the well-organized layers and see the magic happening! This Photoshop hoodie mockup will suit your logo, font, or any other presentation. 

AWDis JH201 Hoodie Mockup Set

Here we have a perfect hoodie mockup set to showcase all your creative design ideas. It is fully layered and contains editable PSD files to help you with your custom design. Editing these templates is super easy due to Smart Objects and color layers. The background is customizable: you can both set custom colors and add textures. The high quality of the mockups allows you to use the ready images on websites and print them. 

Pullover Hoodie Mockup

Streetwear hoodie mockup is something every designer needs to have in their toolbox. In case you still lack such an item, don’t miss this one! This sweatshirt template is a great choice for design presentations, whether it is your personal project or you got it from the client. To get the result you will surely enjoy just put the artwork inside the Smart Object! 

Custom Hoodie Mockup Bundle

This premium hoodie mockups collection contains three fully customizable Adobe Photoshop templates. Apply your design or logo with ease by updating the content within each Smart Object clearly marked in green in the layers panel. They are already set up to warp with the fabric and inherit the fabric textures and creases. You can also change the background and product color to anything you like with the color selector. 

Hoodie Dress Mockup — Front View

A hoodie mockup Photoshop file comes your way! Nothing visually busy is in sight, so you will be able to create a minimalist design presentation of high quality in no time. Showcase your drawings or just put the artwork inside to see if it needs fixing — there are many ways of using this hoodie model mockup.  

Kids Pull On Hoodie Mockup Set

4 mockups based on high-quality photos and designed with attention to every little detail are waiting for you in this premium set. All parts of the hoodie mockups are customizable via Smart Objects: change designs, set custom colors and add textures the way you want them to be!  

BFF Printed on Red Hoodie

This hoodie mockup is a real masterpiece. No matter what clothing design you want to try out, the high-quality template will surely match your ideas! Well-organized layers also facilitate your working process, so you’ll get the result in no time. You can use it for your shops, clothing brands and so on! 

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25+ Pillow Mockup Templates Fri, 23 Dec 2022 11:17:38 +0000 Inspiration never sleeps! Well… Sometimes it can hit the road for a while but you should always wait it back with a pillow mockup ready by your side.

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The Designest may receive compensation from companies, products, and services featured in this publication. For more details, please refer to our Affiliate Disclosure page.

Pillows of various sizes, forms, types and customization options await you in these exclusive picks of pillow mockups we could find for you. Name the idea and you’ll surely find the proper mockup for it. The main advantage of every item from the collection is a complete versatility it implies and endless realism. 

No matter what product you choose (free or paid one) its value can’t be measured just like that. Every pillow mockup can showcase your exclusive juicy pattern, ingenious illustration or masterly-crafted logotype. Remember that every item is built with Smart Object layers you can change the way you want and need without losing the quality of your assets. It’s a real pillow mockups fight for the right to be the chosen one!

Our Team’s Top Pick

Pillow Mockup

It’s never too late to arm yourself with a couple of pillow mockups of high quality for upcoming design projects. If you are just starting to gather your collection, check out this template! It is attractive and simple to work with due to the Smart Objects included. Insert your logos, drawings and any other designs inside the layer of the pillow mockup, change the background and highlights and get a stunning artwork presentation in a few seconds! 

Pillow Mockup Set

Not all pillows will make you sleepy! On the contrary, one glance at these 13 pillow mockups will give you an endless inspiration boost. Its high quality, versatility and attractiveness make these items great for showcasing a logo or branding design. They work perfectly for both dark and light artworks. And the editing process is extremely simple: put your pillow design inside the Smart Object layers and you are ready to go. Then change the background, highlights and adjust the design by your choice. Download these scenes and be sure to check each pillow mockup! 

Pillow Mockup Template

Create a design showcase no one will be able to pass by! This pillow mockup template is a must for designers as it can easily become a part of any project, not only pillow design: types, quotes, logos and the list goes on. With the Smart Object included all you have to do is insert your image inside the mockup, hit save and you’re done! You can also change the background and highlights. The mockup is compatible with Photoshop, so you can showcase your artwork with no hassle. 

Pillow Mockup Template

Visually busy art may distract the audience from your design, so if you want them to focus on your artwork, grab this pillow mockup! It allows you to change the color of the object as well as the background, so light and dark designs will easily find their perfect option to shine. Due to the Smart Object layers included in the mockup it won’t take you long, just a few clicks. 

Pillow Mockups

Here’s a nice and lovely cushion for adding to the pile of your pillow mockups kit for design showcasing. Aside from a guaranteed high-resolution, Smart Objects support, well-structured layers, you’re dealing with nondestructive, editable effects and removable background. The square pillow mockup scenes can be helpful to make a showcase for a website design, product presentation, online shop and more! 

Throw Pillow Mockup

Throw pillow mockup is a new fantastic template, that stands out against other mockups of the kind thanks to its unique character. And we’re happy to share it with you to showcase your designs, artwork, patterns, textures, and illustrations and stand out with your work! Just insert your artwork inside the Smart Object layers of the mockup and the result is ready. The background can be easily changed, too, so it suits your design. The quality is top-notch, customize the design and even the base color with ease your work would look fabulous. 

Pillow Mockup Set — Rectangle

Here comes a set of 5 PSD files, that show pillows from different angles so you can present your artwork. Such a mockup pack is perfect if you need to check if your logo or branding design needs some fixing before you print it or in case you just need a digital presentation. Either way it will be easy to make via the Smart Objects: just drag and drop your artwork inside and you are ready to go! Plus, you can change the background so it fits your design. 

Pillow Mockup Set — Long Rectangle

This set of pillow mockup PSD files represents long rectangles — a pretty rare form to work with. It will give your photos, patterns, and designs a fabulous look! You can easily add your own design using the Smart Object option included in the mockup. Don’t hesitate to customize shadows, effects, and change background of these mockups using layers, named accordingly in order to get a stunning artwork. 

Free Square Pillow Mockup

Creating a professional graphic design presentation will take you a few seconds with a good tool in hand! The free square pillow mockup pack includes the Smart Layers, so putting your artwork inside will be simple: open the PSD file, drag and drop your image inside and enjoy the result. The mockup set provides you with 2 amazing templates with a changeable background, so get ready for finishing your design project. 

Square Pillow Mockup Sublimation Flatlay

Need to showcase a pattern, inscription or a piece of artwork to make it look natural? Take the time and money out of having to set up your own scene with this pillow mockup! Insert your image, artwork, design or text into the Smart Object Layers for a home decor design product. The pillow is on a blanket with a wood background and various objects that can be changed. Your artwork will look really cozy! 

Pillow Mockup

We absolutely adore templates by Anthony Boyd Graphics! And this realistic pillow mockup is not an exception to showcase your fabric designs on, as it can be changed easily. The scene was created in Cinema 4D and rendered using Redshift Render, providing the scene with the best quality possible. You’ll receive premium results having to spend a little time editing due to the Smart Object layer included. 

Fabric Factory vol.2: Pillow Mockup

There’s a whole fabric factory at your own disposal, not just a throw pillow mockup! You get to work with 12 .psd files with different angles, where everything is editable as it would be in real life: colors, buttons, additional sewing appliances. It will be super easy to showcase your artwork or patterns since the mockup provides the Smart Object layer. As for the changeable backgrounds, check out the previews to see what you’re dealing with and customize them the way you want it. This workflow is going to be exciting! 

PSD Throw Pillow Mockup Set

This is a set of square & rectangular psd throw pillow mockup to showcase any of your art and branding designs. Easily add any image thanks to the Smart Object Layers and change the background. Highly-detailed assets make it seem like an actually studio-shot pillow design, you’ll see it yourself after the first zoom-in check! These scenes will help you showcase your artwork to the clients. 

Lumbar Pillow Mockup

This Lumbar Pillow Mockup Pack allows you to quickly display your designs and layouts into a digital photo realistic showcase. Have a good look at your own design with 5 different angles to pick the most beneficial one. With perfectly isolated shadows, Smart Object and changeable backgrounds, it will be more than easy to let the scene play by your own rules. Good news for those who have the older Photoshop versions: it’s compatible with Photoshop CS4! 

Throw Pillow Cover PSD Mockup for Free

Are you a pillow design master? Then you will find this throw pillow mockup extremely useful because you simply need to change the design and color scheme of the asset and your presentation will be ready! The mockup PSD has a high resolution and a Smart Object which allow making changes wherever necessary. The mockup is print-ready so you just have to make the small changes and your final design project will be great to be printed! 

Mermaid Sequin Pillow Mockup Set

Have you seen these memes with mermaid sequin fabric pillows, where it’s one image on the outside and something different on the inside? Now you have a chance to work with a white pillow mockup of this kind and create your own adorable design project! The pack comes with 10 different views, changeable colors & gradients of sequins (metallic) and a possibility to put custom design on white/silver sequins (via Smart Objects). Adding your artwork in this PSD file will be a piece of cake! Try working with this white cushion mockup and I’m sure you’re gonna love it. 

Sofa Cushion Mockup

It’s time to add your pillow design using this fantastic, realistic pillow mockup that shows a cushion on the sofa! Go to editable Smart Object Layers to add your pillow design or write a beautiful typographic message and showcase your concept. The download comes with two PSD files, one containing free square pillow mockups leaning to a wall and the other contains a couple of pillows levitating. 

Pillow Animated Mockups

When you are tired of making the same presentations over and over again, try something new! Pillow Animated Mockups enable you to showcase the designs in an entertaining way without spending too much time on it. If it will be your first time working with such templates, watch the included video tutorial. Show off your graphics from all angles on square and rectangular pillows with ease due to the included Smart Object! 

Scene with Pillows Mockup (13/FFv.9)

If you need not one, not two but the whole scene layered with pillows, here’s your option. The scene contains a group of floating long rectangular pillows you can change by your choice. Movable/removable plants, Smart Object, changeable fabric and color of each pillow mockup, extra light effect, and shadows that can be removed — everything was done to make you feel workflow freedom! 

Free Pillow Mockup

When your main goal is to set the limelight on the design itself, this minimalistic throw pillow mockup is there for you. Simply add your patterns, illustrations, textures, pictures, or photos via the Smart Object Layer, save it and your showcase shot is ready within 4 minutes or less! 

Piping Pillow Mockup 30x50cm

That’s a nice and lovely cushion you usually see in some waiting room of a cozy hotel, spa, beauty parlor, or at your grandmother’s house, who loves preciseness in details of her interior. Look how a floral pattern makes this pillow mockup even better! Of course, you’re free to add anything you want to the Smart Object. Changeable backgrounds with given textures are also included! 

Free Brand Square Pillow Mockup Design PSD

This free square pillow mockup was designed to showcase your creative textile designs and more! Once you open the unzipped files in Photoshop, you feel the ease of placing the designs via Smart Object Layers. Simply double-click Smart Object’s thumbnail, place your own design and your file is ready for presentation. Get this mockup for free and enjoy its potential! 

Boppy Pillow Mockup Set

How often do you use a bobby pillow? It’s strongly associated with flights or long-distance road trips. Now it was made into a versatile pillow mockup for adding your exclusive design, using 4 different pillow views, changeable color and background design. The realism of each scene is out of the question, plus all of them include Smart Object for an easy editing process! 

Square Pillow Mockup

Create an elegant presentation for your design with this fully-customizable square pillow mockup. All scenes include 3D layers, Smart Objects and masks, allowing you to easily add your design and change the colors for most of the scene objects. Blanket, wall texture, floor, curtains, sofa, window, wall — it all can be edited too. Just follow the well-structured folders. 

Square Pillow Mockup

Sofa isn’t just a place for taking naps, it can become your inspiration! Update your toolbox and bring your design presentations to a whole new level with this free pillow & cushion mockup set. It provides you with 9 PSD files that are ready to be used for quotes, fonts, logos and other graphics showcases. As each item includes the Smart Object, you can create a bunch of images with a photorealistic look in a moment. Just open the layer you need, put your artwork inside and that’s it. Change the background colors of your choice and you’re gonna love the result! 

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45+ Best Wall Mockup Templates Thu, 22 Dec 2022 12:02:29 +0000 We’ve picked the best wall mockups to showcase your graphic designs. Here’s everything you may need from neat white rooms to grungy brick walls.

The post 45+ Best Wall Mockup Templates appeared first on The Designest.


The Designest may receive compensation from companies, products, and services featured in this publication. For more details, please refer to our Affiliate Disclosure page.

There come times when your eyes get tired of seeing the meticulously-made things, polished surfaces, and terse-looking compositions. Fair to admit, the heart desires some rebellion and complete forgiveness for any sloppy stroke. 

Inspiration is all around you: the peculiar images and visions are all gently resting on the surface, you need to know where to look. If you’re missing the adventurous spirit for designs or lack the urban-representing tools for branding, consider working with wall art mockups! We’ve collected the best right here. 


Our Team’s Top Pick

Wall Brick Mockup

Turn around the corner to see a fantastic mural placed on a brick wall. What if this masterpiece is your design, depicted there in all its glory? Imitating exactly this type of situation comes a brick wall mural mockup, packed with customization features enough to work without boundaries. 

Concrete Wall Mockup

While ones fill the walls to see them smooth, others prefer them to be grungy: all the imperfections are meant to be there. Such a messy look makes the composition more genuine, and any logo, illustration, mural, emblem, or photo will look better on this concrete wall art mockup. 

White Wall Mockup

We used to refer to designs as “clean”. This is a clean design. The white wall is ready for your logo projects. Nothing will distract the eye, showcase your next restaurant, bar, or store branding designs. All you have to do is place your artwork in the Smart Object Layer, hit save and you are done. Have fun! 

Living Room Wall Mockup Bundle

Living room? Maybe. Cafe with cute wooden furniture, cocktails, and ambient lighting? For sure! Packed with several different angles to select this Photoshop wall mockup bundle won’t let you down in a variety of design projects. Enjoy 3 high resolution PSD files and realistic images for fast rendering. 

Grunge Wall Retro Mockups

Add some vintage feel to your work with this handy set of retro wall mockups. Each template comes as a high-res PSD document in two resolutions (landscape and square) to make your work as convenient as possible. Of course, the focal point of this product is the vintage and retro feel it’s supposed to display. 

Realistic Wall Mockup

Take a look at this rough wall sign mockup, what setting do you picture? Is it a famous hipster corner near the craft beer pub? Or a spooky alley you never dare to enter? All in all, the textured wall, no matter where it’s situated, is a great means of displaying any info, including your digital designs. 

Brick Wall Mockup

Need to add a lofty vibe for your presentation? This is a perfect choice! This free mockup with a brick wall allows you to showcase your designs in a realistic environment. Select the Smart Object layer in the PSD mockup and insert your design into it. Neat and clean designs have never been that easy. Yay! 

Art Wall Mockup

Clean and artistic interiors. What could flatter your artwork even more? This wall art mockup will help you to showcase your branding designs in the best way. High resolution and the Smart Object feature will make it easy and enjoyable. A couple of clicks and a realistic design is at your service. 

Wayfinding Wall Mockup

Futuristic and industrial cement walls are nothing but a beneficial showcasing instrument any designer would appreciate! Use this free wall mockup to create a presentation of your next project in a realistic environment. All you have to do is place your artwork inside the Smart Object layers, and you are done. 

Wall Mockup

It’s incredible how different the spackle traces are left on the wall. Here is the absolute rebellious spirit the wall mockup has embraced, offering a gazillion of creative self-expression possibilities. The uneven texture of the painted lettering wouldn’t go anywhere once you add artwork projects.  

Ragged Poster Mockup on Sticker Wall

The true urban spirit is transferred via the ragged poster on the wall PSD mockup! Imagine how the graphics of your branding designs would fit this scene! Atop the amazing composition itself, there’s a shadow overlay option. Easily add your shots via the Smart Object layer and you be ready to present your art! 

Front Wall Mockup

Front wall or garage door. This mockup will enhance the urban vibe to a great extent. Place your design into this metal and concrete heaven and admire the results. Use this mockup to showcase your store branding project. All you have to do is place your artwork inside the Smart Layers, and that’s it! 

Mural Wall Mockup Scenes

The brick wall and some paint — what else would you need to bring your artwork to the masses? Nothing can replace this… unless you have a realistic gallery wall mockup. There are various textures, shadows, changeable background, and high-quality 3D effect in the ready-made art presentation. 

Wall Plaster Mockup

The scratchiest wall of them all, but is it the best presentation asset? Let’s find out. All the changes are made via the Smart Object layers. Create a neat preview in seconds! Don’t forget to alter the background wall art colors to reach that level of aesthetics you’re aiming at. 

Wood Wall Mockup

With this warm and cozy wood wall mockup, you can showcase your next restaurant, bar, and store branding project. PSD file with Smart Object looks so irresistibly inviting to place your design in. Don’t withhold yourself, use it! And you’ll see how it can bring your creations in the best light possible. 

Free White & Black Brick Wall Logo Mockup PSD

Don’t ever neglect the art of showcase creating. Your presentation should resemble a call to action, and makes an invitation for further cooperation. Sometimes you’re short of time, and the quality must not suffer from that, and that’s the time for a free wall mockup to show up and save the day. 

Urban Posters Wall Mockup Scene 03

This based on a professional photo PSD mockup will add a strong urban feel to your designs. Move and scale posters, place your design in seconds via the Smart Object layer in Photoshop or in the online editor, which is available in the mockup store, and enjoy the results. 

3D Wall Logo Mockup

This PSD wall sign mockup is handy if you want to present your logo as a wall-mounted sign or just for a nice 3D text effect. Replace the Smart Object content easily, and have fun with this fully layered file. Your dreamy presentation won’t take exhausting hours of workflow. 

Exhibition Wall Mockups

If you’ve been dreaming of having your artworks presented in the exhibition but obstacles came on your way, seek fulfillment in this gallery wall PSD mockup. You can showcase several artworks in it at the same time or choose only one: there are 4 PSD files to do it with. 

Free City Poster Mockup

Free сity poster mockup is s a professional template for showcasing your designs. It comes in PSD format with Smart Objects, allowing you to easily add any design according to your taste. Perfect for displaying your poster & advertisement designs for your portfolio or clients. 

Urban Posters Wall Mockup Scene 06

This wall is so expressive, that it can be called an art piece by itself. I find these distressed and worn-out walls very appealing. Do you? This PSD mockup can be edited with the Smart Object. Showcase your branding designs. Move and scale it as you like, the outcomes will still be stunning. 

Mural Wall Mockup Scenes

Let everyone admire the downtown aesthetics! Bricks, old-looking posters, and faded colors witness urban life. You have a choice from 3 various PSD mockup scenes. The set includes Smart Objects, having 2 different backgrounds and customizable ambient lights. 

Logo Wall Mockup

Say hello to a photorealistic wall branding mockup. A bit conservative, but immensely neat and classic. It’ll be perfect for showcasing logotypes for some luxurious brands. Present your logos, art, badges, or texts in a gorgeous way. Select the Smart Object layer in the PSD mockup and insert your design. Click save and you’re done. 

Free Wall Mockup

This is a free brick wall template to showcase your logos. It is perfect to see how your design works in a photo-realistic environment. You can easily change the color of the wall. This useful PSD wall mockup is created and provided by Graphic Ghost and can be downloaded in seconds! 

3D Wall Logo MockUp

Showcase your logo as a wall-mounted sign or just add depth to it with this photorealistic mockup. The PSD file includes Smart Objects to make your work a breeze. Even if you have a Photoshop CS4 version and don’t want the newer versions, it won’t interfere with your creative plans as the mockup works in this edition too. 

Neon Steel Sign Mockup

Metallic logotypes in your presentation seem to be rather dull than bold? We’ve figured out how to spice things up! Upload your artwork projects and turn on the neon. Prepare some epic branding designs to provoke awe of excitement with your flawless work and contemporary art vision! 

Concrete Wall PSD Mockup

Minimalism is good and plain white surfaces don’t have to be filled with content to ignite attention. The audience can be baffled by a simple white room with an inscription decorating the wall. Let this be your design project! Present your logos, wall art, mural, artwork, or texts in a gorgeous way. 

Peeled Painted Wall Logo Mockup PSD

Old rusty water tanks have become symbols of the countryside, where life slowed down to the point of careless well-being. If you don’t see it, maybe it’s because you haven’t found a suitable wall art mockup to proudly carry your graphics. Use this perfect chance to deliver your rustic-themed projects. 

Poster Street Mockup — PSD

Glued wrinkled posters, covering the fences, are the silent city spectators: they both notify people about some exciting upcoming events and willy-nilly participate in them. Set up a banner with your exclusive designs by using another poster on the wall art mockup! 

3D Wall Logo Mockup

Yet another wall, designed to carry your unique and fun designs! The wall PSD mockup is easy to customize: choose between the light or dark versions, place your logo inside the Smart Object Layer, and save. You might want to decorate made PSD scene with a suitable shadow overlay to increase its realism. 

Wall Mockup

While looking at this PSD wall mockup I’m imagining myself in an airport, or a huge mall. What is it? Metal constructions or an overall look and feel of public place navigation. You are to find out. Still, this mockup will be the perfect choice for any branding or navigation project, for sure. 

Bundle Mockup Wall Kitchen

This cozy and inviting wall PSD mockup is ready to realistically hold your mural, pictures, wall art, or other artwork projects. Get these 4 perfect kitchen mockup PSD files to grab the audience’s attention and display wall surface design. Just insert your design in the scene with the Smart Object layer and have fun. 

Street Wall Logo Mockup PSD

If you’ve been in design for a while now, your collection of presentation means must feature tons of mockups. What’s the most common scene you use in your work? A multitude of signs, we assume? If you’ve had enough of the same ideas, grab a ragged street wall PSD mockup and embark on a project! 

Vintage & Rustic Logo Mockup

This package of 9 logo mockups is perfect for replicating a vintage logo mockup or creating the look of an old rustic mural. There’s an array of rich textures, peeling paint, cracked walls, rusty metal — all charm of the slow decay from the years of weathering. 

Wall Sign Mockup

Save money on arranging pricey photoshoots in the construction sites, and use professional free wall mockup instead. You won’t lose in quality by picking this option, of course not! The lighting, scenery, genuine materials, and textures — everything was taken exactly from the actual scenery. 

Logo Mockup – Old Paint on Brick Wall

Messy hooligan rebel or hipster vintage? Picking sides is unnecessary as we assume these categories might coincide. For what it’s worth, your goal is an exciting presentation, don’t step away from the idea. Imagine how your work would look in this crafty PSD mockup! 

Room With Light 

This PSD mockup looks a lot like an office. Some may say that it’s not fun, but have you ever searched for something that will realistically hold your corporate logo or navigation designs? This company wall mockup will be on point for such cases. And Smart Object layers will help you to do it easily. 

Vintage Wall Logo Mockups

Feast your eyes on cracked peeling paint, quirky brick wall, covered in color, and textured wall surfaces — these remains of the good old times. Moreover, you can contribute to these as well by simply adding your modern logotypes and titles to this wall background mockup by using Smart Object Layers. 

Free Realistic Logo on Wall Mockup

An abandoned space that evokes discomfort and excitement is not the art display that you usually seek. But when your projects are themselves strange and unusual? Share your love for horror films by adding their logos on this wall display mockup. You can easily add your graphics to the scene via the Smart Object Layer. 

Cement Yard Wall Mockup With Graffiti 

The freshly-made cement wall in the yard is untouchable and breaking this rule would cause you problems. Instead, we’d like to offer you a digital equivalent — a wall art mockup you can use for presenting your branding, logo, ad, and other artwork projects using Smart Object Layers. 

Art Gallery Mockup

Ever needed to present your mural, wall art, or other artworks in a chick and artistic way? This wall PSD mockup makes it easy and professional. Thanks to a photorealistic look, it can realistically hold your mural, pictures, and other artwork projects. Just download the file, select the Smart Object layer, insert your design, hit save, and have fun. 

Brick Wall Logo Mockup

The brick wall is the interior solution that always looks awesome and refreshing. It creates the feeling of outdoors when you’re chilling inside the place. It’s time to insert your pictures into a wall design mockup to have a personal display place in your toolbox. 

Wall Art Mockup

Brick wall PSD mockup for brave and bold. It can realistically hold any mural, wall art, branding, or other artwork projects. Insert your art into the Smart Object layer and make it look like it’s been painted onto an actual wall. Select any wall color by using the adjustment layer provided. 

Old Brick Wall Mockup Realistic Premium PSD

Raves are the best way to set your mind and body free for a wild dance in the laser lights, neon, and crazy tunes. What is also great about a techno rave is the urban style according to which the location is decorated. Add these vibes to your presentation while using this PSD wall mockup! 

Empty room with a dark gray wall mockup

This subtle and classy PSD mockup is ideal for those who want to present mural or other wall art. Just insert your design in the Smart Object layers, and you will have your presentation in a few seconds. By the way, this PSD mockup is free for personal and commercial projects. 

Gallery Wall Mockup

Even public events like art exhibitions can go without any people attending them. Get armed with the gallery wall graphic mockup and see this concept in action! Different wall views, removable elements, and most importantly the photorealistic level of quality in each scene. 

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Best Adobe Creative Cloud Discounts & Deals (40-70% OFF) (January 2023) Wed, 21 Dec 2022 18:14:09 +0000 Get yourself all the professional tools from Adobe Creative Cloud without spending a fortune — here you will find the best discounts to save money!

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Everyone working in the creative field knows Adobe tools. The majority uses them every day — Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro and many others. However, when you decide to pay for the subscription you may face quite expensive prices. To not let them stop you from using these professional tools, I found the best deals Adobe Creative Cloud can offer its users.
Here you will be able to pick a perfect deal that will lower the price of the tools you need. Discounts for students and teachers, teams, individuals and many other variations are gathered in this list so each creative folk could find something useful. You can also search for Adobe deals covering the exact tool you need in case you are looking for just one. Well, speaking shortly, I tried to meet the possible requirements of each and every one of you so just pick the ideal Adobe discount for your creative needs and save your time and money!

Best Adobe Discounts Right Now — Our Top Picks

2 Months Free*


2 Free Months of Creative Cloud 

The offer is available all the time, so you are the one who decides when to use this opportunity and start exploring CC for free. 

*Eligibility requirements apply.

2 Months Free*



Adobe Photoshop Discount

If you don’t need entire Adobe CC, it’s wise to only get Photoshop alone and save approximately 50% on subscription.

*If you buy photography bundle.



Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

For new users the best Adobe discount is to qualify yourself as a student (even if you’re not!). Students get the best deal!

*Eligibility requirements apply.

How To Get Adobe Discount

When you decide to finally get an Adobe subscription, you need to know exactly what you need to get. Pricing and plans for the Adobe software can be confusing because there are so many different options and Creative Cloud apps to remember: Acrobat, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign and the list goes on. You should keep in mind that even though Adobe will always try to offer you the Adobe CC All Apps subscription, you are not obligated to pay for an entire collection of apps you don’t use. 

You may buy each Adobe app separately, just like you can buy Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, or find the plan that consists of the tools you actually need for your work. There are plenty of options for different tool combos, so you can purchase them in packages for graphic design, video editing, UI/UX design, and other tasks. Or you can find a good offer for the Adobe apps you need separately and create a perfect mix for your work.

However, even if you figured out what you want to get, you can become really perplexed about your plan’s type (student, person, corporation, etc.) and the duration of the subscription! In order to assist you to understand how to receive the best Adobe Creative Cloud discount in 2022, I’ve put up a short guide. It will show you the options for existing and new users, temporary discounts, Creative Cloud pricing, how to get a free trial and some tips on how to save money by getting the best Adobe deals both at this moment or the ones that work all the time.

Here is my tutorial on how new and existing subscribers can receive the biggest discounts on Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Discounts For January 2023



Students and Teachers Save Over 60%

The teacher and student discount is yet another fantastic offer in addition to the Adobe Black Friday Sale, giving them the best value for the subscription. Those of you who are educators or learners are in luck! You’ll be shocked to learn that the Adobe “All Apps” subscription offers savings of around 60–65%! That’s actually the biggest offer of all Adobe Creative Cloud discounts. The plan with teacher or student discount will cost you $19.99 per month, which is less than the average user cost of $54.99. So, if you’re studying or teaching and want to advance in Adobe and become a graphic designer, I highly suggest taking advantage of the discount as it’s a great deal! 

*Eligibility requirements apply.

All you have to do in order to qualify for the Adobe Photoshop student discount on the company’s products is show documentation of your school enrollment. And what if you aren’t a student but really want to pay a little less by using the best Adobe discount? I have a tip for you.

There are many courses that you can take and participation in them will be enough to get an Adobe student discount. So check the ones you are signed up for or look for some new ones that will get you the benefit. If you aren’t sure if the course will provide you with such documentation and the About section didn’t help you to get the answer to this question, you can always go to the customer service chat and clarify it. 

Another way to get the discount is to take advantage of the discounted Adobe price available to students while you are actually in University and continue to save money years after graduating. Adobe cannot monitor how long it takes you to finish your schooling, therefore for the majority of individuals, this offer is perhaps the finest one. So, even after graduating, you may continue to use your Adobe student discount.



Adobe Photoshop Discount (-50% OFF)

The most popular creative software from Adobe Cloud is surely Photoshop. Many professionals in the creative field choose it among all the industry leading creative apps: web and graphic designers, photographers, and for some, it is a side app that can help facilitate the work process (illustrators, for example). And luckily Photoshop is accessible without purchasing a complete Creative All Apps membership. This offer is perfect for those who need only Photoshop for their work and don’t want to spend too much money on creative apps they don’t need. Due to this offer, you may just pay for the industry standard software you need — Adobe Photoshop. 

Additionally, you may combine applications to receive some more Adobe discounts. For example, combining Photoshop and Lightroom would result in 50% membership savings. The greatest price on Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom can be found in this Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan package. Right now, this is the best method for obtaining a discount on the Adobe photography package. It is also a great offer for creatives in graphic design who have never worked with Adobe Lightroom but always wanted to try it.

*Eligibility requirements apply.

2 Months Free*


2 Months Free Offer

Did you know that you can get two months of entire Creative Cloud suite for free? And this offer is available all the time, so you are the one who decides when to use this opportunity. Getting it is pretty simple if you have already bought the membership — just cancel your subscription. For individuals who want to quit their membership due to the cost, this Adobe discount is offered out of sympathy. 

The rules are pretty easy, but it’s better to know all the little details, so here comes the step-by-step guide you should follow. In order to get the Adobe discount go to the official website, sign in to your account page (the has a membership) and cancel your subscription to qualify for the two free months. Now to the most important part that leads you to success, so don’t overlook it: when prompted and you see options of what is the reason for cancellation, you must choose “price” as the motive. After these steps are complete, you could be given two months for free. If not, you could try contacting their customer service through chat.

*Eligibility requirements apply.

From US$19.99/mo*


Adobe Creative Cloud Discount for Teams

Another good way to not spend too much money on full price of Adobe subscriptions is to use the discounts for teams. Although it is a little harder to get, as you need to gather a whole team of people who needs Adobe and will be willing to pay for the subscription, such a big discount is surely worth trying. The cost of the membership for teams varies based on how you pay, the applications you use, and if you qualify for a discount.

*Eligibility requirements apply.

Here is the list of prices for Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams (including schools & universities):

  • Plan for one month: $79.99 per license
  • Prepaid annual plan: $599.88/year per license ($49.99/month)
  • Single App: $33.99/month per license or $19.99 for Photoshop+Lightroom

Now you may wonder, how can I receive the Adobe Team discount? You may prepay for the entire year as a group and save 35%, which equates to a few hundred dollar discount per license. You also receive a free month on Adobe Stock as a nice bonus, which includes 10 free premium photographs, if you pay for the entire year in advance, so it will be the most profitable variant. 



Adobe Creative Cloud Express Discount

Adobe’s lighter version, which is called Adobe Creative Cloud Express, is accessible without purchasing a full Creative All Apps membership. Speaking shortly, you can get it for free. 

The app includes many perks for your creative work. You may utilize thousands of gorgeous templates that are offered without charge through Adobe Express. If you are more concerned with the results than the process, Adobe Creative Cloud Express is for you. Plus, if you don’t want to start with a blank page when making a design, you can use high-quality stock images from the Adobe Stock collection.

*Eligibility requirements apply.

As I said before, the good news is that this Adobe software is available for free, in addition to a paid version. For a generous three months, Adobe offers a free trial of the product.
The features of the software’s free version: 

  • The Adobe Express 2 GB Cloud Storage is available without charge.
  • Numerous built-in templates, a small selection of Adobe Stock, and Adobe Fonts.
  • You can animate and erase the backdrop from photos using simple editing tools and picture effects.

You always have the opportunity to cancel plan before the trial time expires because billing doesn’t start until the free trial period is up. If you decide to go premium and get full access to all the features, it will cost 9.99$ per month or an annual plan for 99,99$.

All of the features available in the free version as well as the following are included in the premium plan:

  • The web version of Adobe Creative Cloud Express
  • For Apple and Android smartphones, Adobe Creative Cloud Express
  • Apple device support for Adobe Spark Video
  • Apple device support for Adobe Spark Page
  • For computers and mobile devices, you will be able to use Adobe Premiere Rush.
  • Apple and Android device compatibility with Adobe Photoshop Express.
  • Photoshop Portfolio
  • Cloud storage of 100 GB.

Contact Adobe for information* 

Adobe Creative Cloud Discounts for Government, Non-Profit, Military, Veterans & Seniors

Does Adobe provide discounts to non-profits? You may ask this question in case you aren’t a student, teacher or signing up for any course in the near future but still want to have a discount. And I have good news for you — yes, Adobe does provide non-profits with certain discounts. The company also has deals for government and enterprise employees. Although Adobe does not provide discounts for members of the armed forces, veterans, or elderly citizens, you might try contacting their chat support service. They tend to meet clients’ needs and requests, so there are high chances of you getting the best deal for your exact case. 

*Eligibility requirements apply.



Adobe Stock Discount

This offer is so far the easiest one to get, for all the users of Adobe Creative Cloud. When you add Adobe Stock to a new or existing Creative Cloud membership, you may receive a free month of Adobe Stock as a nice, useful bonus. To take advantage of the Adobe Stock deal, simply visit Adobe Stock and click the “free trial” banner. You don’t even need to sign up for a membership to get the bonus. Yes, it is this easy and there are no underwater stones in the offer, it is the best deal for getting stock images. 

*Eligibility requirements apply.



Adobe Creative Cloud Free Trials

As you already know, each and every Adobe creative software is available for a 7-day free trial; all you need to do is choose your plan and give it a go without paying any money. Although you must give your credit card information, you can cancel before the seven day trial has passed, and in this case, there will be no fee. 

*Eligibility requirements apply.

People typically hunt for ways to either save money or download the program for free because Adobe frequently raises the price of their memberships. But can you actually get the Adobe Creative Cloud apps without paying? Well, potentially you could, but it’s against the law.
When it comes to obtaining Adobe CC for absolutely free, there are several most-used versions, such as: 

  • use outdated Adobe software that has been pirated (not CC);
  • establishing new trials each week (using the seven days of free trial for your own good);
  • dividing the cost of a license and sharing a subscription with a family member or a friend.

However, keep in mind that performing any of the things I mentioned is illegal in the first place and puts your Adobe account in danger, so I wouldn’t advise trying to do it. Second, among other disadvantages, you will lose access to new features, latest version of the app, and file storage in the Creative Cloud. So maybe it will be better and safer to choose another offer that will give you many benefits without putting you at risk of being banned from the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of premium plans for Adobe Creative Cloud users, so the price will depend on what you want to get. Speaking about the most popular special offers for individuals, I can mention Creative Cloud All Apps which costs 54,99$/month, Photography (provides Lightroom, Photoshop and 1TB on cloud storage) for 19,99$/month and Premier Pro (for professional video and film editing) costing 20,99$/month.
There are two ways of getting a discount for the Adobe Photography plan. If you are a student, you will get a 65% discount by providing the supporting document. Or you can go to the Special Offers page on the Adobe website and go for a yearly subscription, it will make your monthly price lower.

Firstly, you need to sign in to the website. Then select Manage plan for the one you need to cancel. The button Cancel the plan will pop up, so click it. You’ll be asked the reason for cancellation, and after you choose it select Continue. The instructions covering your next steps will appear on the screen, just follow them till the plan is canceled.

A subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud totally costs its money in case you are working in any creative field. It is an industry standard software and includes the best collection of professional tools so far, so by getting this app you will be able to get all of them in one place. Plus, there are plenty of options and tool combos in different subscription plans for existing and new customers, so you will find the one suiting your needs for sure.

The post Best Adobe Creative Cloud Discounts & Deals (40-70% OFF) (January 2023) appeared first on The Designest.

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60+ Best Gift Box Mockup Templates With Festive Mood Tue, 20 Dec 2022 18:53:30 +0000 Whether you like getting or giving gifts, these gift box mockups won't let you pass by without an urge of creating something amazing!

The post 60+ Best Gift Box Mockup Templates With Festive Mood appeared first on The Designest.


The Designest may receive compensation from companies, products, and services featured in this publication. For more details, please refer to our Affiliate Disclosure page.

The list of one of the most versatile mockups is on its way to being right in time before Christmas! And being versatile doesn’t mean they are boring. This collection of over 60 best gift box mockups with a festive mood will prove to you that gift boxes are, actually, the opposite of boring. So, gather all your designs that need a nice presentation, and try fitting them inside these amazing templates! 

Jewelry gift box mockup, round or square box, the one with a magnet or without it, — everything you may think of is already waiting for you below. Don’t forget to take care of all the ribbons, wrapping paper, labels, foil stamps, and strings and see how your artworks can shine even brighter! 


Our Team’s Top Pick

Gift Box Mockup Creator

Present your gift box designs with these professional mockups coming in PSD format. The included pre-made mockup scenes are fully customizable and have Smart Object option. You can also build your own scenes with the included 18 boxes in 3 different views and wrapping paper. This item works great for light, colorful and dark designs and various backgrounds so nothing will disappoint you these holidays! 

Gift Box Mockup

Christmas won’t be the same without gifts! So, adding them to your own designs is a good idea, too. Try out this professional PSD present mockup that comes in 8 styles and with various backgrounds. Due to the included Smart Objects, the work process won’t take you long. Enjoy the holiday season! 

Carton Gift Box Mockup

The most valuable thing about these box mockups is the ease of workflow. Layers are arranged with attention to detail and the presence of Smart Objects is practically the synonym for comfort. If you need to change the color of some element, it can be done with a click! 

Gift Box Mockup

As a Christmas gift, I want to present you this professional PSD gift box mockup. You can use it as a presentation of your fonts, patterns and any other branding designs you are proud of. With Smart Objects it won’t take long! 

Gift Box Mockup 001

A professional gift set mockup is a tool you need to arm yourself with when Christmas is coming. This way you will be able to display your own designs from different angles with a heart-warming feel and your customer will be fully satisfied! The PSD item is compatible with Adobe Photoshop. 

Paper Box Mockups Set

Place your branding designs inside the Smart Objects of the Paper Box Mockups to show your artwork from different angles! This professional PSD set guarantees you a joyful result — the image will radiate the Christmas atmosphere. Display your gift packaging designs with ease and don’t miss the holiday celebration! 

Gift Box Mockup

Display your professional packaging easily with this PSD ribbon box mockup! Change the box, ribbon & lid design, edit shadows, effects, and easily change the background color or replace the background entirely with your own. 

Christmas Box Mockup

Colorful packaging is an integral part of Christmas so present your designs on it! With this PSD box mockup it won’t be hard — just put your artwork inside the Smart Objects and you are ready to go. 

Gift Box Mockup

Nice packaging makes any present even more outstanding! And so will your designs if you showcase them with these 5 PSD gift box mockups. Each item provides Smart Object layers, so you will get a result in a few clicks. 

Free Open Gift Box Mockup

Free Gift Box mockup allows you to present both your packaging and a gift you want to put in the box due to the Smart Object layers. The background color and shadows is easily changeable, as well as the colors of all the objects you see on the template. 

Christmas Box Mockup

Decorate your branding design presentation with nice packaging! And I have a powerful tool for this purpose. Download the PSD box mockup and plunge yourself into the holiday mood. You can simply insert your artwork inside the Smart Layer of the gift box with ribbon mockup and the result is ready! 

Gift Box Mockup

Why get just one item if you can download a whole pack of 7 PSD gift box mockups in one archive? And here comes a handy one for you. It enables you to show off your packaging ideas easily — just drag and drop your artwork inside the Smart Layers, change the background and that’s it! 

Gift Box Mockup 002

Here comes 3 PSD files of gift packaging mockup templates that will help you out this Christmas! Drop your artwork inside the Smart Layer, choose 1 of 4 photo filters included and consider your work done. Now you can spend holidays with friends and family without worrying about your work! 

Free Wrapping Tissue Paper Mockup

Free gift box mockup is here to save your day! Create an outstanding presentation for your gift packaging designs, patterns and any other artworks you like. The result will fully satisfy you as it will meet each your requirement. 

Terazzo — Gift Box Mockup with Green Ribbon

Feel the holiday spirit with Terazzo! It is a PSD box mockup that will be a great choice for a packaging showcase, as its beauty will complement your design. Plus, all you need to do is put your artwork inside the Smart Objects and that’s it! Enjoy the result. 

Magnetic Gift Box Mockup

3 PSD files that come in Magnetic Box Mockup will let you make an outstanding presentation for your branding design as well as set a festive mood. After you put your artwork inside, easily change the colors and shadows so they suit your concept and show the result to clients. 

Free Square Slide Box Mockup

Your branding design needs a showcase with some Christmas spirit? Say no more, I got a tool for you. This free gift box mockup is an ideal solution, as it provides Smart Layers which will make your work process simple and fast. Bring some hot tea and get to work! 

Gift Wrap Box PSD Mockup

Gift wrap mockup is a tool you need to have in your arsenal, especially during the Christmas season! You can insert your artwork easily in this template, and change the tag label design as well as the color of the gift box and the scene background. 

Wedding Glossy Gift Box Mockup

A well-layered, beautiful gift box mockup comes your way! With the Smart Object layers included, it’s a great tool to finish your packaging showcase in the blink of an eye. You can also edit the background, colors, shadows and effects to meet your requirement. 

Box Mockup PSD

An editable box mockup is a powerful tool in hands of graphic designers, so having a couple of the mockups you trust is a must. I want to introduce you this one, that will fulfill all your creative needs and get you an ideal result in seconds!  

Gift Box & Tag PSD Mockup

Present your perfume, design, and brand logo on this editable gift box with a tag mockup. It is also ideal for your sales visuals and other promotional graphics. Due to the Smart Layers included you will be able to show off your artwork easily and with no effort! 

Gift Box

Presenting your branding design ideas from different angles and perspectives will be easy with this gift box mockup kit! Each item comes in high quality and has Smart Objects to facilitate your workflow. The pack provides you with 26 scenes and is easy to edit. 

Gift PSD Mockup

A perfect tool for presenting your ideas is here! A gift box PSD mockup is a great choice for graphic designers working on a packaging design presentation. It includes Smart Object layers and shadows customization is versatile and will suit any concept and style. 

Square Box Mockup

A square gift box mockup will surely become an integral part of your Christmas designs. It radiates a festive mood, is beautiful and provides an easy process of inserting the artwork inside the item via the Smart Layers. The item is compatible with Adobe Photoshop. 

Christmas Gift Box

Christmas gift box templates is all you need for an upcoming project! It enables you to show off your packaging ideas, tags and any other artwork you need to present in a gorgeous way. This item has the Smart Object layers and shadows customizations. 

Kraft Paper Wedding Gift Box Mockup

Despite the name of the mockup, it will suit not only wedding designs but any other style, including Christmas artworks! Try putting your graphics inside and you will see that I’m right. You can also change the color of the background to make a perfect image. 

Paper Gift Box Mockup

The 3 scenes of this gift box mockup kit may wonderfully bring a festive ambiance like the joy of opening a present. And there is nothing to worry about — just put your graphics inside the Smart Layer and get a result you won’t be able to resist showing to everyone! 

Slide Gift Box Mockup Set

Don’t waste your time looking for templates, as here you can download a whole gift box mockup kit! Each item is versatile and will help you show the packaging designs, logos, or any other creative ideas you prepared. Try working with them and the result will be amazing! 

Gift Box Wrapped Mockup 

There is nothing visually busy in this gift box mockup, so your designs will be in the spotlight! You can put them inside easily, just drag and drop the graphics inside the Smart Object layers. You can check out a help file in case you don’t know how they work. 

Spine PSD Boxes Packaging Mockup Set 

No need to rack your brain over design presentation anymore, these PSD gift box mockups will gladly help you with that. They will also make your packaging ideas look more joyful! And it won’t take much time due to the Smart Object option. 

Gift Boxes and Bags Mockup Set

When you don’t want to limit yourself to one presentation, this set of gist boxes and bags mockups will be a great choice! It also can help you if you need to check out how your graphics will look on a real-life item. Showcase your packaging with ease! 

Gift Box Mockup

No one wants to miss Christmas celebrations because of work, so arm yourself with helpful tools! This gift box mockup with the Smart Layer features included enables you to finish the project in minutes and get the result you will be proud of. 

Box Top View Mockup

The Box Top View mockup will come in handy for designers who are working on packaging designs and need a tool to showcase their art. However, it will also be a good choice if you want to present brand logo you created, so don’t limit yourself with this one! 

Magnetic Gift Box Mockup Set

Check out your packaging designs from all the angles you want with the help of this Magnetic Box mockup! It’s will become a real treasure of your toolbox, as you will be able to use it for any upcoming projects — that’s how versatile it is. 

Free Box Packaging Mockup

The free box gift mockup features a nice rectangle shape paper box, that you can customize the design and color of with simple few steps. Same for inserting your packaging artworks — just put them in the Smart Layers and you are ready to go. 

Free Luxury Magnetic Gift Box Mockup

Christmas is a perfect time for luxurious designs! That’s why I want to share with you this free gift box mockup. It has a posh vibe and your presentation will have it, too! Moreover, you will be able to finish your work fast, which is perfect for the holiday. 

Wrapping Paper Mockup with Box

Wrapping Paper Mockup will come in handy for all designers! The gift box template is an ideal showcase tool for packaging, logos, sketches and other forms of art. It is especially helpful now, during the Christmas season, as it allows you to finish your projects in time. 

Paper Box Mockups

Paper Box mockups guarantee you a festive mood for Christmas! Their beauty and functionality will boost your inspiration, there is no doubt. Plus, all the items are layered, which provides you with a quick result. Download this gift package mockup! 

Gift Box Wrapping Paper Mockup Set

The Wrapping Paper Mockup Set is the tools you’ve been looking for! The 6 PSD files of the pack are easily editable via the Smart Layers. You can also change the wrapping paper, ribbon, lid, background and scissors design if you want them to fully suit your concept. 

Free Vertical Gift Box Mockup

Holidays are the time you need to showcase packaging designs often. Don’t miss the Free Gift Box Mockup, it is a perfect addition to your toolbox! With such a powerful tool in hand your presentations will never be the same and your audience will be happy. 

Gift Boxes Mockup Set

The gift box packaging mockup set includes everything you may need for showcasing your packaging designs during Christmas time. It has 6 PSD files, which are fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop. The items are fully layered, so there is no need to worry about a thing. 

Gift Box Mockup

A photorealistic result is what all graphic designers crave! To help you satisfy your creative needs, I got this gift box mockup. Put your design inside the Smart Layer, change the background, edit lighting and shadows and you are done with the showcase. 

Stacked Boxes Packaging Mockup 

Meet an amazing freebie for your collection — Stacked Boxes Packaging Mockup! This PSD file will become a helping hand in your next project, so don’t miss it. The free gift box mockup provides Smart Object layers for facilitating the work process and a realistic result! 

Craft Paper Giftbox Mockup

A fully editable, high-quality Craft Paper Giftbox mockup is at your service! It looks great with both light and dark designs. You can turn the label on/off, change the colors of the background and put your designs inside the Smart Objects. 

Matte Gift Box Mockup

Treat yourself with a premium gift box mockup, Christmas is a great time for it! It will be a nice addition to your toolbox if you are tired of same-looking presentations and want to diversify your projects. Make your artwork shine with an ideal showcase. 

5 Attractive Gift Box Mockups

Introducing 5 PSD gift box mockups that will help you create an outstanding showcase for customer! Just insert your designs inside the organized layers due to the Smart Object option and that’s it. You can also add the result to your portfolio to show off your skills. Enjoy your holiday! 

Box PSD Mockup

Nothing will top gift boxes in terms of versatility! This template is a striking example of the tools you will resort to using. Amazing style, Smart layers, compatibility with Photoshop — this mockup has it all. It only lacks your attractive artworks, so wait no more! 

Jewelry Box Mockup Set

Jewelry box mockup is great for showcasing logos, patterns, sketches and any other forms of art, so having this set will be helpful with many projects. The files come in PSD format, so it will be easy to work with them — it is compatible with Photoshop. 

Packaging Design Mockup

Create outstanding personal and commercial projects with help of a packaging design mockup! Craft logo and perfume showcase in a few seconds — just open the file in Photoshop and get an outstanding, realistic result. Nothing will distract you from the Christmas celebration! 

Gift Box Wrapped Mockup

Realistic Gift Box Wrapped Mockup is a tool you need to create a perfect showcase of your Christmas designs! To get the result you are dreaming of, insert your artworks inside the template, and change the color of the background. Charge yourself with the holiday spirit! 

Packaging PSD Box Mockup Set

Christmas is the perfect time to update your tool collection with new items, and here comes a whole pack of them! A large set of PSD box mockups to create any branding design presentation. Easily make it your own adding your graphics! 

Kraft Paper Gift Box Mockup

Display your design in a more efficient way on this kraft paper gift box. It is fairly simple to use as the template includes special layers and Smart Objects for your design. Now nothing will distract you from your family celebration, so go ahead! 

Big Cube Gift Boxes with Ribbon Mockup

If you like designing gifts as much as receiving them, this cube gift box template is a great choice for you! Add your images inside, play with the ribbon and background color and the result won’t make you wait. Moreover, it will be photorealistic, so your creative needs will be satisfied! 

Gift Box Mockup

When you need to check if the design you prepared looks good on a real-life item, this gift box mockup is exactly what you need. It helps you see your artworks from different angles and in a photorealistic way. Wait no more and download the PSD file! 

Photorealistic Gift Box Mockup Free

A free gift box mockup is the best present you can get a designer! The PSD file includes the Smart Layer, so adding your graphics will take you a couple of seconds. What’s even more exciting, it radiates a festive vibe, so showcasing your works will be a piece of cake! 

Gift Box Mockup — Half Side View

If your packaging designs need a special showcase this Christmas, arm yourself with this tool! The gift box mockup allows you to create different presentations due to its versatility, so you won’t need to spend your time looking for something else. 

Magnetic PSD Box Packaging Mockup Set

Magnetic boxes always catch attention, so use them to showcase your designs! The audience won’t be able to take their eyes off your artworks once you put them in this template. With its Christmas-themed look, the mockup is perfect for this season! 

Gift Box Display Mockup

Display your artworks in a beautiful way with the gift box mockup! It will suit not only packaging design showcases, but also logos, fonts, sketches and any other forms of art. It will especially fit Christmas-themed graphics, so get it right now and start working. 

Black Gift Box Mockup 

Dark and light designs, logos, packaging — no matter what you are working on right now, try showcasing it with this gift box mockup! Open the PSD file in Photoshop, insert your art in organized layers and you’re done. Welcome this free gift box mockup! 

The post 60+ Best Gift Box Mockup Templates With Festive Mood appeared first on The Designest.

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12 Graphic Design Trends For 2023: The Visual Euphoria Tue, 20 Dec 2022 13:21:14 +0000 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and whatever part of this statement applies to you more, let the graphic design trends for 2023 become an island of comforting stability.

The post 12 Graphic Design Trends For 2023: The Visual Euphoria appeared first on The Designest.


Every passed year has been throwing challenges at our faces, both personal and global ones, but the heroic reserves of patience, support of the close ones kept the creative engines running! It doesn’t matter what other troubles are lurking around the corner, as there will always be wondrous and gratifying possibilities for self-expression. What the future year of graphic design trends holds for us? 

With 2023 approaching swiftly, it’s high time to start thinking about what will be trending. The fickle motion of tendencies in graphic design hinges on the social agenda, summarizing it into accessible, self-explanatory visual forms. As we witnessed the revival of the 90s aesthetics and Y2K, anti-design and extensive use of serif typography, 2023 is assigned to be a year of other vintage manifestations and bold creativity. We’ll see a crossover of traditional and modern techniques employed to craft noticeable designs that are sure to impress. It doesn’t matter what trend will prevail because one thing is obvious: 2023 will surely be an exciting year for graphic designers everywhere. 

List of Graphic Design Trends 2023: 

Clay-doh Shader Study

Clay 3D Characters

It’s just like ordinary 3D characters but looking more alive and real! The main idea of incorporating clay texture renders is to focus on imperfections and embrace them. Fingerprints, bumpy surfaces, smudged edges here and there are delivered as the essential part of ever-cheery hand-drawn personas. This particular graphic design trend has evolved from the previous year’s 3D mania, giving it a more loose, more playful touch this time. 

The upbeat clay figures will appear as a part of the branding projects: the whole visual scope can be easily built around a jaunty clay character, harmoniously interacting with the product. This trend opens the lab door of inexhaustible experiments with imagery by blending contrasting media like flat illustrations, paper, hand-drawn overlays, and photorealistic backgrounds. Expect the successful coalescence of mixed and matched materials, pleasing the eye with a diversity of textures.

It’s not surprising that claymation is on the rise again, obtaining a modern form of animation instead of time-consuming stop-motion (the old-school, handmade approach still rocks no matter what, it’s just the question of choice and idea). The animated pieces will pop up not exclusively for the presentation needs but as a zestful addition to the well-developed clay character, showing off its personality and distinguishing features it should be remembered for.

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Sans Serif Fonts Revival

Sans Serif Fonts Revival

Have you noticed the steady alternation of serif and sans serif fonts as graphic design trends? This has happened for quite a while, and there is no logic behind this phenomenon, as serif and sans serif fonts are not competitors. Brands don’t really care which of them is trending this year and just keep using the fonts according to their needs. Graphic designers do a lot. 

For instance, in 2023, we expect a massive revival of sans serif fonts, completed by increased interest in out-of-the-box solutions from the graphic design world. Basic shapes are fine, and Helvetica-inspired fonts are back to branding and packaging. But what will really turn the heads of your colleagues is sans serif fonts jam-packed with various visual features: distortion, glitching, broken proportions, and all. And be sure, they’ll be everywhere, from a random branding project for some food producer to fashion brands’ social media accounts.

We have yet to determine for sure, but it’s likely that in terms of typography, in 2023, more design choices will be made in favor of creativity, not legibility or usability. This will be due to a relatively long rejection of fancy fonts by key creative minds and shouldn’t last long — just as long as there’s finally balance or designers invent something new.

Deep, Rich Colors

Deep, Rich Colors

Colors as a full-fledged graphic design trend are full of controversy. In other fields of creativity, like fashion, interiors, or even makeup art, color is naturally considered a stand-alone design element, and it totally makes sense for brands to build their business around seasonal color trends. In graphic design, it’s all different, as there are too many variables a specialist should keep in mind: from typography and customer’s philosophy to how all design components sustain visual interest altogether. 

That’s why introducing new color trend options carries a lot of “buts,” and we have to take time before speaking about any visual innovations in this niche, even if everyone sources inspiration from them for quite a while. Guess, in 2022-2023 we can finally do it! For a long time, artists enjoyed a clean, vivid color palette that sparked joy yet didn’t soothe the eye. However, the logical switch to muted color palettes took some time. Interestingly it started with fashion, where the community discovered complex hues that always looked posh. These were earthly shades of green and brown and rich colors that set natural saturation and contrast.

Featured in more and more projects in 2022, these color solutions have proven their viability. Use them for brand identity? Sure! Social media? Creative assets for artists? Illustrations? Yes, yes, and yes. Combine them with other design elements? Even though bold colors are usually expensive enough and mainly used on their own, the trend might expand and merge related visual tools: grainy textures, abstract shapes, or gradients.

Minimalist Vintage

Minimalist Vintage